My Continuum

My Continuum (2014)




Although in space there is no sound, the vast unknown has inspired brilliant music throughout the ages.

This album sounds like Ziggy Stardust isn’t dead after all, only the Spiders from Mars were caught in the explosion. I say so because it’s mostly acoustic guitar and an ‘astronaut’ singing.  I got the idea for this album from astronaut Chris Hadfield. He did something my budget didn’t allow which was to take a guitar to the ISS, and actually record an album there!

I did have the guitar, and the imagination so I wrote ‘My Continuum’. ‘My Continuum’ is a reflection on people, relationships, and feelings through the eyes of a space-traveler. If you’ve never realized that you’re a space traveler aboard planet Earth, then look out this window and see space and time like never before. Maybe if Earth is traveling through space, you could say that there is sound in space after all.

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