Pink Spring Swing

Spring tell me one thing,
Why can I hear birds singing
But can not hear my phone ringing
Nor her love?

Spring please blow a breeze
That brings her over seas to me
So that she’ll blow me away up above?

Where clouds taste just like cherry
And Sun never stops setting
Where we want to get married
And listen everyday to the beat of
Pink spring swing

Spring please make it ours
The perfume and the flowers
The years, the days, and the hours that are none’s

Spring pls play some swing
While I’ll be the one singing
Let’s see her face and her feelings when she hears us

Maybe she’ll just start crying
Maybe she’ll just turn red
But what if she doesn’t like it
Wouldn’t that make you sound so sad
Pink spring swing

Spring you swung, I sang
But I guess we both missed
A kiss, or maybe more

A favourite summer, an autumn wind
A winter Cold, or a pink spring swing
Oh I can’t say goodbye to her yet

Spring, without her
All seasons just lose their taste
And feel like a waste of time

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