Top 5 Websites For Giveaways of Instruments, VSTs and Plugins

If you are a bedroom producer like me, chances are that you dream big but are on a budget. You really wish you could have that 1000$ sample library, or that really cool microphone, or that VST pack that makes you drool.

How can you get such awesome gear when you have no money? You venture in the world of giveaways! I used to think it was impossible to win, but after winning two prizes let me share with you the coolest websites that hold giveaways fairly regularly! Hope you can win something without making your wife or husband mad at you for blowing the budget.

1. Produce Like a Pro

The blog spearheaded by Warren Huart other than tutorials and cool interviews also features hardware reviews frequently. Check the blog section once in a while or subscribe to have access to their giveaways.

2. Sound on Sound

The legendary magazine has pretty much always a giveaway happening on the competition section of the website. It involves answering some questions that have their answer right there on a little text about the gear or software they’re reviewing and it’s very easy to participate.

3. KVR

This plugin outlet has loads of cool free plugins and a great news section that helps you keep track of what’s going on in the musical world. But wait… it also has a giveaway tab! It’s usually once a month that they feature such a competition! Create an account and stay tuned in order to participate in their giveways.

4. Time & Space

From Britain, they are a store that retails plugins and sample libraries. Although I don’t love their prices, if you subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on facebook you can find some competitions rolling on the weekends! Already won a vocal sample pack there with a line from Back to the Future 😀

5. Sweetwater

If you live in the States than check them out. They have really cool giveaways going on all the time, and it’s quite easy to participate.

Other than this I recommend you to subscribe to all the newsletters of companies that have gear that you’d love to own. Waves, IKMultimedia, iZotope, Softube, etc… Sometimes in their anniversary or in other special events, you’ll be able to participate in one of their giveaways.

I hope this article helped you! Any suggestion of other cool websites to participate in giveaways?


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