My Top Free 5 EQs

1. MEqualizer


This is the free EQ I’ve used the most while mixing. It’s super practical and easy, it features six bands, and you can solo each one – which is awesome to spot frequencies you want to cut or boost. Another cool thing about this EQ is that you can see the soundwaves real time which helps you to have a more visual idea of what’s going on sonically in your track.

It can go from super transparent to vintage sounding depending on how much saturation you want to add on the ‘Soft Saturation’ knob, and if you are new to EQing you can learn a lot from the presets. It also has different ‘skins’ so that you don’t get tired of it. Neat!

2. BootEQ


Within the scope of free plugins, everything that ‘Variety of Sound’ pulls is amazing. I use BootEQ to boost rather than to cut, and I just feel that this console emulation sounds more musical, and that you can hear more boosts in high frequencies. It also features a drive knob and some flavors of saturation which can help you achieve a more vintage sound.

3. Cleansweep


One of the first things I do when mixing, is cleaning up the LF and the HF in tracks where I don’t need it. So I just pop this low CPU plugin that cleans everything up nicely. You hear it cleaning more deeply than the hf/lf of my DAW so it’s a really simple and cool shelving EQ you can have!

4. PTEq-X


The secret weapon! Sometimes, it just seems you can’t tame and control a certain frequency range in an instrument no matter how much you tweak or EQs and compressors. If everything else fails, it’s time to pull off this secret weapon. Modeled after a Pultec, this EQ has the distinct feature of you being able boost or attenuate a frequency at the same time. I use it a lot on the low end and it just seems to even it out really nice. Check this article with some tips and tricks on a Pultec. You can find expensive digital versions of this ancient beast, but I dig this underdog freebie! Try it out!

5. TDR Nova

Nova eq

In case you don’t dig MEqualizer and you try something different, go for Nova. It’s very well made, and the free version supports 4 bands. In addition to that you have a measure of dynamic EQing happening, and you can make it into a sort of multi-band compressor.



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