My Top 5 Free Plug-in Developers

A mechanic needs his tools, a cook his knives and a producer his plug-ins. Having several tools to choose from increases the chances of you having the right tool to achieve the sound you are striving for.  With how expensive getting plug-ins can get, is it possible to  have professional quality plug-ins to achieve great results in your mixes? Yes, it is. Check my list of the top 5 developers that make free great plug-ins available, and have fun heading there to download all their offers into your computer.

1. Variety of Sound


Everything this blog offers is unbelievably great-sounding. I regret having bought plugins which don’t sound nearly as great as what these guys make.  Variety of Sound features a series of EQs, Compressors, Delays and Reverbs that can offer great warmth and that handle your audio with great precision in contrast with most free plugins which offer a ‘transparent’ and ‘digital’ with lacking quality.  Every single one of Variety of Sound plugins is worth having.

2. Klanghelm


This european developer might not offer a great variety of plug-ins, but whatever they offer is amazingly good, reasonably priced, and incredibly useful. But even if you are not willing to part with 20Eur for a plugin, Klanghelm offers two compressors and one saturation/distortion plugin that can color and add character to your sound, and that are totally worth downloading. I’ve used all three of them extensively, and I still go back to them even after owning paid plugins.

3. Reaper


It’s true that warmth and color are something fantastic to add to a track, but sometimes you just need efficient, clean and transparent tools you can mix with. Reaplugs offers a series of tools that are the bread and butter of production. I love the ReaComp for being super versatile, and ReaXComp is the best free multi-band compressor I know. Other tools aren’t as glamorous but are essential to audio engineering such as ReaFir, that can be configured into a great deesser, ReaGate and ReaControlMIDI.

4. Melda Productions


What Reaplugs doesn’t do perfect, Melda will have a better alternative for. I particularly like their MAutoPitch, and their MEqualizer is my favorite parametric free EQ. They offer many other free plugins that can come in handy like a guitar tuner, a compressor and other effects. Check out all they offer and pick the ones you fancy!

5. Antress


I don’t what happened to this guy(s), but you can still found Antress’ plugins on the web. The great thing about Antress is that it offers you pretty good simulations of analog equipment that you would have to pay big bucks for other wise. They have simulations of legendary equipment like SSL consoles, Pultec, Distressor, Urei 1176, Fairchild 660, LA-2A, UA 1176LN. And the thing is, they do sound really good! So if you find yourself wanting to have different kinds of coloring tools on your arsenal, try their stuff out because you won’t regret it.

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