My Top 5 Free Saturation Plugins

Saturation… the sound microwave! You get a cold digital track you took out of your fridge and you warm it up so it ‘tastes’ better. Here are my top 5 saturation plugins.

Saturation Knob 


A one knob wonder! I use it all the time on bass or kicks. You can choose between ‘Keep Low’, ‘Neutral’ or the ‘Keep High’ in order to control which part of the frequency spectrum is more saturated.



Saturation is about flavor, and Klanghelm’s IVGI offers a crispier tone than Softube’s Saturation Knob. You can use the ‘Asym Mix’ to choose between a more transparent or more agressive mix, and you can also select what frequency receives more distortion.



Great pre-amp to go with vocals or guitars. It can go from a poney to a pegasus with the ‘oversampling’ and ‘high cpu’ switch.

TLs Saturated Driver

TLs Saturation

Saturation, which is basically a very mild distortion, can help you even out a signal. That means that you’re talking about more than just tone, but also dynamics. TLs saturated driver gives you an attack and release function to give you more control over how much dynamics are affected by the saturation. I also love the x2 button that let’s you reamp the signal twice!

Tube Saturator Vintage

Tube Saturator

When none of the other saturation plugins I have quite work, I go to this plugin. It has a bit of a different flavor. I use it for backing vocals, for example.


What about you? What other saturation plugins have you been using in your mixes? Feel free to comment below!







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