About Cultural Lungs

FBMy name is Cássio Ferreira, and I live in Lisbon. Cultural Lungs, is a project I started in 2011. I make storytelling music that sounds like Hans Zimmer encouraging Radiohead to get over a depression. It’s gloomy, and I’m told it’s depressing but hey! I love depressing and gloomy music!

If you like super basic songs with the same 3 chords being played over and over again, you will probably hate most of my songs, because I like to make music interesting, and above all, I love to tell stories through my music. Just one song can be awesome by itself, but a storytelling album… there’s where, for me, ultimate songwriting lies!


It’s not about writing one song. For me it’s all about creating a universe, where songs interlink, reference each other, and make out a fictional reality. It’s all about taking people on a journey using music as a vessel.