About Cultural Lungs

FBWelcome to Cultural Lungs. My name is Cássio Ferreira and I am the creator and the storyteller behind this project. My passion and interest for storytelling music inspired me to create Cultural Lungs, where stories are woven into songs.

For me making music is a very special thing. First you live what later becomes a festering feeling, a twitching thought, a beating emotion. Time nurtures it and matures it, until that perfect day you yield it into a melody, a chapter of a story. Excitement soon shapes a full tale in your mind, then you craft your way through microphones and zeros and ones until you can make your vision something solid, and real. And finally there it is a piece of you that will outlast you in this world. A sonic statue, a digital painting, me, somewhere else, somewhen else.

I make storytelling music that sounds like Hans Zimmer trying to encourage Radiohead over a depression, and I surf in between waves of genres, doing my own thing. Man on the Moon calls it ‘indie-folk-surf-suburban’ and Fireworks calls it  ‘prog sympho‘. One thing is certain, it’s alternative and personal.

My journey through music humbles me ever more with step I take forward, and it has led me to become a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer in an effort to export and upload me into the universe chunk by chunk. I try to share what I’ve been learning from my mistakes and endeavors in the world of music with all of you out there with the hope that you can take something from it.


My first story journeys through space aboard ‘My Continuum‘ (2014), the second forks in the very first multiple choice ending album ‘Fortress‘ (2016) and my third CD ressurects Vivaldi through indie rock with ‘The Four Seasons‘ (2017).

Currently in cooperation with a friend of mine the tale of the shipwrek who found his way to Atlantis is being forged, and the new album of Cultural Lungs inspired in ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ is being recorded. Its title will be ‘Alzheimer’ and it should be released in 2018.