Sky on earth Has no atmosphere If you say we won’t hold hands Life on earth Becomes so austere If you say you won’t be in my plans Air on earth Becomes unbreathable If you say that you won’t be mine Oh where on earth Will it ever be livable If you say you won’t be […]

When I Found You

I set out to discover Something out there A friend, a home, a lover Which one, I didn’t care, But now I do Cuz I found it all in you I left my own race To be with my own kind A kind with a kind of kind embrace Kind of like when you smile […]

Spaceship II

When Earth was my spaceship My suit was my skin I could feel the sun and touch the wind Had no route, no course, Was just orbiting When Earth was my spaceship Buy here: Available on Itunes and Spotify.  

Spaceship I

Why do I, still miss my planet When my world is gone Why do I, still miss my family When I’m all alone In this spaceship Where sunlight crosses glass In this spaceship Where Houston sets my path Farther from earth Why do I, still miss fresh air If the tank is full Why do […]


Tonight, let me give my back for you And all that would break you And all that would ache, let me take it And pull it to me Tonight, let me change your tides, Turn sour to sweet, lost into complete Let me give you, stability I know I ain’t bright enough I know well […]


I stare at you every night Your shine is so bright Wingless gems of the sky Tell me, how can you fly Stars, Wonderful Creation Far, Alone in a constellation I see you The same ash, but I’ll fade And you will blaze Falling stars Rush as tears upon the space, So out of place […]