My Top 5 Free Tape Emulator Plugins

Although we’ve gotten to a point where the younger generation doesn’t even know what tape is, the truth is that the imperfections that magnetic tape brought to mixing, branded a whole era of music. Be it for its subtle saturation, flutter or flanger effects, tape emulation plugins are a good weapon to keep on your […]

My Top 5 Free Saturation Plugins

Saturation… the sound microwave! You get a cold digital track you took out of your fridge and you warm it up so it ‘tastes’ better. Here are my top 5 saturation plugins. Saturation Knob  A one knob wonder! I use it all the time on bass or kicks. You can choose between ‘Keep Low’, ‘Neutral’ […]

My Top 5 Free Plug-in Developers

A mechanic needs his tools, a cook his knives and a producer his plug-ins. Having several tools to choose from increases the chances of you having the right tool to achieve the sound you are striving for.  With how expensive getting plug-ins can get, is it possible to  have professional quality plug-ins to achieve great […]