Well my smile is not made of glass More than your eyes are of porcelan So before we both break apart Baby please leave this fortress I built it to keep people away I built this fortress A castle in the skies It’s not a mask nor a disguise but who I am inside. Buy […]


No one ever tried so hard To set me free And though I have lied It’s time to tell you the truth about me And about this fortress It’s true you were my key But I have no more key holes left in me It’s true that you were me but I Am no longer […]


… You I will always be there beside you You went across the bridge Over the ditch Filled with tears you had shed Behind your back A fortress falls apart And now you look ahead And you can see ‘I’m still in the sky, But there’s no fortress Inside of me Please tell me why […]


Come┬átake my hand And follow me It will be the end Of your captivity I know you feel defenseless And that you’ve lost your senses Many times before You are scared of getting scarred Of what you are And what others expect you to be But persons They are beautiful people They will build you […]


I have climbed your walls (Please stop climbing) I have opened your doors (Please stop prying) You locked (I locked) Away your heart (Away my heart) And thought you threw away the key (And threw away the key But you see (It can’t be) Your key Is me (That you’re my key) And as long […]


You built a fortress A castle in the sky It floats, it hovers and it flies Running on fake smiles You assigned a guard of beasts Bred from those memories Too ugly to mention You built a fortress And set up it’s defenses You built walls, gates and doors Under false pretenses such as: ‘This […]