Fuzz Stone by Freetortion 10s Review

Type: Pedal Board / Distortion Did I Keep It: No Do I Use it: Too unstable One Word Description: Rocky Features: Distortion, Attack, Cabinet, On/Off Instalation: Super easy Sonic Awesomeness: 10/10 Versatility: 5/10 Interface: 10/10 Stability: 2/10 CPU Usage: 10/10 Price: Free (Download here) Bug: Sometimes this plugin-in mutes the whole track with no explanation. Too buggy… 😦

Plusdistortion by Distorque 10s Review

Type: Guitar Pedal / Distortion Did I Keep It: No Do I Use it: I don’t because although it sounds great it eats the CPU One Word Description: Cool Features: Distortion, Buffer, OP Amp Clipping, Diode Clipping, LP/HP filter, Mono/Stereo Instalation: Super Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 9/10 Versatility: 8/10 Interface: 7/10 Stability: 4/10 CPU Usage: 2/10 Price: Free (Download here) Bugs: Wierd… when the track is actually […]

Overdriver od82o by NSP 10s Review

Type: Guitar Pedal / Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes Do I Use it: Hardly ever cuz of CPU One Word Description: Bad Kitty Features: Classic & Punchy Mode, Oversampling, Mono/Stereo Switch, Tone, Drive, Level, On/Off Switch, Asym Switch Instalation: Super Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 6/10 Versatility: 7/10 Interface: 9/10 Stability: 9/10 CPU Usage: 2/10 Price: Free (Download here) Bug: The name of the plugin! od820! That’s so hard […]

Greedsmasher by Mercuriall 10s Review

Type: Guitar Pedal, Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes Do I Use it: Sometimes One Word Description: Niiiiice Features: Distortion, Mono/Stereo, Lo/Hi Quality, Gain, Tone, Level, On/Off Instalation: Simple, need to install Sonic Awesomeness: 10/10 Versatility: 7/10 Interface: 10/10 Stability: 10/10 CPU Usage: 7/10 Price: Free (Download here)

Types of Compressors Cheat Sheet

Compressors are acclaimed as to what imparts character to modern music, and in the beggining that’s hard to grasp. As you learn how to mix you start realising that pros use different kinds of compressors for different things, and you start wondering what really is the difference. Compressors can be essentially divided into four categories. […]