Pink Spring Swing

Spring tell me one thing, Why can I hear birds singing But can not hear my phone ringing Nor her love? Spring please blow a breeze That brings her over seas to me So that she’ll blow me away up above? Where clouds taste just like cherry And Sun never stops setting Where we want […]

Autumn Wind

Summer came along All tears were gone That’s what I tried to think But they keep falling In the Autumn Wind Summer has grown old Weather has grown cold It kind makes me think If you and me can last In the Autumn wind Sky turns to gray All leaves fly away But not me […]


Well my smile is not made of glass More than your eyes are of porcelan So before we both break apart Baby please leave this fortress I built it to keep people away I built this fortress A castle in the skies It’s not a mask nor a disguise but who I am inside. Buy […]


Fear, it will disappear As soon as you stop giving it undue importance Fear, we will just leave it here And sweep it under the wreckage of this fortress Fear is a seed It only becomes a tree If you feed it loneliness Fear is a tree It only produces seeds If you don’t leave […]


You built a fortress A castle in the sky It floats, it hovers and it flies Running on fake smiles You assigned a guard of beasts Bred from those memories Too ugly to mention You built a fortress And set up it’s defenses You built walls, gates and doors Under false pretenses such as: ‘This […]