Top 5 Free Distortion Plugins

1. Flextron by AXP The moment I heard this plugin I was like ‘Are you serious? Is this really a free plugin?!’ This amp simulator sounds so much better than even paid ones I own, and it offers beautiful, deep distortion that will give great character to your tracks. You can choose between the ‘tube’ […]

Lawnmower by Shuttleplugs 10s Review

Type: Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes Do I Use it: Oh Yeah! One Word Description: Hot Features: Clipper, Filter and two kinds of distortion Instalation: Super Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 8/10 Versatility: 6/10 Interface: 7/10 (too bad for the bug) Stability: 10/10 CPU Usage: 10/10 Price: Free (Download here) Bug: The knobs on the filter sometimes don’t turn as smoothly as you’d expect.

My Top 5 Free Tape Emulator Plugins

Although we’ve gotten to a point where the younger generation doesn’t even know what tape is, the truth is that the imperfections that magnetic tape brought to mixing, branded a whole era of music. Be it for its subtle saturation, flutter or flanger effects, tape emulation plugins are a good weapon to keep on your […]

My Top 5 Free Saturation Plugins

Saturation… the sound microwave! You get a cold digital track you took out of your fridge and you warm it up so it ‘tastes’ better. Here are my top 5 saturation plugins. Saturation Knob  A one knob wonder! I use it all the time on bass or kicks. You can choose between ‘Keep Low’, ‘Neutral’ […]

My Top 5 Free Plug-in Developers

A mechanic needs his tools, a cook his knives and a producer his plug-ins. Having several tools to choose from increases the chances of you having the right tool to achieve the sound you are striving for.  With how expensive getting plug-ins can get, is it possible to  have professional quality plug-ins to achieve great […]

My Top 5 Free Compressors

It’s true an artist can paint a painting with only one brush and one color, but most painters will use different brushes and different colors to achieve the beauty they envision. Most of the sound of modern music is compression. And like brushes, there are different kinds of compressors that help you achieve different colors […]

Types of Compressors Cheat Sheet

Compressors are acclaimed as to what imparts character to modern music, and in the beggining that’s hard to grasp. As you learn how to mix you start realising that pros use different kinds of compressors for different things, and you start wondering what really is the difference. Compressors can be essentially divided into four categories. […]