Softdrive GV by AXP 10s Review

Type: Amp / Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes Do I Use it: Why not? One Word Description: Marshall Features: 2 Tweakable Kinds of Overdrive, Oversampling, EQ. Instalation: Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 9/10 Versatility: 7/10 Interface: 10/10 Stability: 10/10 CPU Usage: 6/10 (You can turn HQ and Leds off to make it lighter) Price: Free (Download here)

Qontrol by Sound-Base Audio 10s Review

Type: Distortion Did I Keep It: No Do I Use it: Never One Word Description: Noisy Features: Clipper, Fuzzer, Static, Wet/Dry Instalation: Super Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 1/10 Versatility: 1/10 Interface: 5/10 Stability: 8/10 CPU Usage: 10/10 Price: Free (Download here)

Lawnmower by Shuttleplugs 10s Review

Type: Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes Do I Use it: Oh Yeah! One Word Description: Hot Features: Clipper, Filter and two kinds of distortion Instalation: Super Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 8/10 Versatility: 6/10 Interface: 7/10 (too bad for the bug) Stability: 10/10 CPU Usage: 10/10 Price: Free (Download here) Bug: The knobs on the filter sometimes don’t turn as smoothly as you’d expect.

Epicentre by Timedomain 10s Review

Type: Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes Do I Use it: Sometimes One word description: Multicolored Beast Features: Several kinds of distortion, Wah, Drive, Fx EQ, Wet/Dry Instalation: Super Easy Sonic Awesomeness: 6/10 Versatility: 9/10 Interface: 8/10 Stability: 8/10 CPU Usage: 10/10 Price: Free (Download here)  

My Top 5 Free Tape Emulator Plugins

Although we’ve gotten to a point where the younger generation doesn’t even know what tape is, the truth is that the imperfections that magnetic tape brought to mixing, branded a whole era of music. Be it for its subtle saturation, flutter or flanger effects, tape emulation plugins are a good weapon to keep on your […]