Whamdrive by AuraPlug 10s Review

Type: Guitar Pedal / Distortion Did I Keep It: Yes! Do I Use it: Yes! One Word Description: Unlimited Powah! Features: Level, Tone, Drive, Pitch Instalation: Super easy Sonic Awesomeness: 10/10 Versatility: 8/10 Interface: 10/10 Stability: 8/10 CPU Usage: 10/10 Price: Free (Download here)

Types of Compressors Cheat Sheet

Compressors are acclaimed as to what imparts character to modern music, and in the beggining that’s hard to grasp. As you learn how to mix you start realising that pros use different kinds of compressors for different things, and you start wondering what really is the difference. Compressors can be essentially divided into four categories. […]