Winter Cold

Winter fireplace your warm embrace Reminds me of another I left behind Hearing winter rain oh why Does each drop echoes her name And memories of summer time Sometimes when I have doubts I leave my coat home and stay out until i’m sure And in the freezing temperature If I think of you and […]

Other Summers

Now these warm days are over I find that you were my favourite summer Took me long to discover That I was your favourite summer Though we might never be lovers We were each others’ favourite summers Though we might not be each others’ There will still be other summers There will still be other […]


No one ever tried so hard To set me free And though I have lied It’s time to tell you the truth about me And about this fortress It’s true you were my key But I have no more key holes left in me It’s true that you were me but I Am no longer […]


Fear, it will disappear As soon as you stop giving it undue importance Fear, we will just leave it here And sweep it under the wreckage of this fortress Fear is a seed It only becomes a tree If you feed it loneliness Fear is a tree It only produces seeds If you don’t leave […]


You stare at a window A window that has been shut You are holding the scissors With which you plan to cut What links your soul to your heart You plan to cut off your past But those with no past Often have to pass on A present with a future in store So look […]


I have climbed your walls (Please stop climbing) I have opened your doors (Please stop prying) You locked (I locked) Away your heart (Away my heart) And thought you threw away the key (And threw away the key But you see (It can’t be) Your key Is me (That you’re my key) And as long […]