Winter Cold

Winter fireplace your warm embrace Reminds me of another I left behind Hearing winter rain oh why Does each drop echoes her name And memories of summer time Sometimes when I have doubts I leave my coat home and stay out until i’m sure And in the freezing temperature If I think of you and […]

Favorite Summer

Our summer began and I Was just wondering what will be like To see you again To be there face to face to be No ocean, no space in between You and me now Oh, it sounds to me, Like this could be my favourite summer Dendalion seeds and fireflies, Starry nights looking at the […]


… You I will always be there beside you You went across the bridge Over the ditch Filled with tears you had shed Behind your back A fortress falls apart And now you look ahead And you can see ‘I’m still in the sky, But there’s no fortress Inside of me Please tell me why […]

When I Found You

I set out to discover Something out there A friend, a home, a lover Which one, I didn’t care, But now I do Cuz I found it all in you I left my own race To be with my own kind A kind with a kind of kind embrace Kind of like when you smile […]


Tonight, let me give my back for you And all that would break you And all that would ache, let me take it And pull it to me Tonight, let me change your tides, Turn sour to sweet, lost into complete Let me give you, stability I know I ain’t bright enough I know well […]