The Four Seasons


Cream Cover Four Seaons

My name is Vivaldi, but after I stumbled upon a wormhole in Venice, I was transported to this century. I’ve learned how to play the guitar and to produce music on my computer, and I decided I would make for everyone out there the remake of my previous work. Please buy this album, because if you don’t, I don’t think I can afford the parts I need to make a time machine to go back to my time.

This storytelling album brings together a blend of genres ranging from bossa nova, pure rock, pop and cinematic music to provide the listener with a theatrically sonic experience. I love to tell stories through my music. This is the third concept album I’m releasing in this century. I did a couple of more albums which tell the tale of a journey through space aboard ‘My Continuum’, and the story of the assault on a ‘Fortress’. You can check those on this website. Some idiot made a website with my name already, so I had to go with another artistic name instead.


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